Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Floor plan - Vinyl Cork!

First I thought of different floor materials like laminate and parquet, as they are the most commonly used, but to be honest neither of them isn't suitable for 3 dogs playing around, if I wanted it to last more than only couple of years. Especially parquet is very sensitive for scratches and is out of the question when dogs are involved. So I had to think of other options...

Luckily the person in the store suggested another floor material - vinyl cork, which has become quite a success with families with children and dogs, as the surface of the vinyl floor is much more durable and water resistant than laminate or parquet. And having the cork underneath the vinyl surface, makes it more warmer under the feet, and it also works like a silencer for the clacking sounds of dogs' claws against the floor.

As first I thought of putting tiles in the kitchen floor, but then I thought of making coffee and breakfast during the cold winter mornings, and the tiles wouldn't be so warm under the toes as vinyl cork :) "Comfyness" is No.1 thing! :D

So the floor is now selected! The chosen material is this vinyl cork and the color is some light grey named "white oak", and it will be installed to the whole apartment for more cohesive look. 

Now I'm just waiting with these 2000 kilos of floor material, that the current tenant will find a new apartment asap, so that we can move in and start doing something!  :)

Here are couple shots of the chosen floor,
and a reference pic how it would look in a real room..

And here are the 3 adorable monsters that are living with us under the same roof :)
2 mini pinscher girls (3,5 & 1,5 yrs) and a 2 yrs old boxer boy.

- Sarppa


  1. I also have a dog before and some rooms in my last apartment are carpeted, so they were really a mess. I learned from that and had the carpets replaced by hardwoods, which are not as cost-friendly, but do look good and I guess last long too. I now have two dogs and moved to a new house with wooden floors. The floors still look good, even with my doggies around. Anyway, good for you for opting for vinyl. It's strong and will last really well. I'm sure it will replicate the look and elegance of the real thing. Wishing you all the best!

    Pat Ballard @ Cheap Floors

  2. Hi Pat, and thanks for your kind comments! I really hope it will turn up good after we get it installed :)