Sunday, August 16, 2015

Future Energy Festival // Tampere, Pakkahuone 14.8.2015

After a long break of any kind of blog related stuff, I will try my luck again with new motivation, called HOLIDAY! :)

Last Friday I started my summer holiday, and to celebrate that we went to a rave party in Tampere Pakkahuone. To be honest I don't remember going to a rave like in 10 years :), but somehow you just find the dance mojo :D Even though now on Sunday, after all the bouncing around, my legs are killing me... (must be the age, hahah!)

But anyway the music was great, even though quite hard compared to any regular radio shit, but still as I said, great! The Pakkahuone's venue was divided into 3 areas between the main stage, club, and terrace. All 3 areas had own dj's with little different genre.

We spent most our time on the main stage, where the set included:
Neon, Alek Szahala, Substanced & Horzi, Noicecontrollers, Pandorum, and Sasha F. For us the most waited ones, were Alek Szahala, and for me Pandorum, but all of them put up a good show!!

After a long time, this was something different than basic clubbing, and somehow refreshing!